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SuperFighters Unblocked

[Total: 399    Average: 4.2/5]

Online flash based game SuperFighters Unblocked is an exciting, fast-paced fighting game that pits players against enemies in deadly combat. In this tense environment, the main goal is simply to survive and kill anyone who comes on the player’s way. The game features four maps, each with their own passageways and color schemes. There are several methods to dispatch opponents. One can use guns such as shotguns and assault rifles, grenades, and more frugal weapons like knives and axes. Players can even burn enemies to death, or merely use their fists in a classic brawl. In total, there are 13 weapons. There is a lot of jumping and maneuvering involved, for fighters need to avoid enemy shots while placing their own. With the SuperFighters game players must take advantage of the unique terrain of each map, using moving platforms, ladders, and stairwells. Quick reactions and constant strategy is a must to defeat opponents. One must always remember that anything can happen, and readiness is key!

Upon taking hits, one’s health bar at the top of the screen slowly decreases. If a health bar reaches zero, that player loses! Helpful weapon icons keep track of what tools are at hand. As players progress through the game’s three levels, the difficulty of enemies increases, and players will have to work harder to claim victory. The graphics of the game are of a retro, pixelated style, hearkening back to the early fighting games of the 90’s. SuperFighters Unblocked game is continually exciting because of its varied gameplay. Players never have to worry about boredom as there are endless combinations of weapons, enemies, and maps. The frenetic urge to survive creates an air of tension that keeps players brawling to the finish. Playing SuperFighters Unblocked is bound to tap into one’s inner fighting spirit, allowing for hours of enjoyment on the battlefield. Try it, and you will not be disappointed.

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